10 Celebrities that use Dating Websites

Online dating is not for losers and the people on this list of celebrities who use dating websites are evidence of that, some do it for fun, others just want to see what it is about while there are those who need to find normal people who do not know who they are, well that is probably until they meet. So here is the list:

9.Britney Spears:

This is probably one of the names you would not really expect to find in such a list but yes, in 2013 Britney Spears decided to give online dating a chance after splitting with Jason Trawick whom she had dated for 4 years and was engaged to.

8.Halley Berry:

You would imaging Halley Berry just needs to take a walk in the park and she would have hundreds of numbers of men and may be even women wanting to date her, but she said she has been on a few dating sites to see what is really going on there.

7.Aston Kutcher:

Aston Kutcher said it in a speech at the Teens Choice awards that he has one through random dating sites and has learnt a thing or two about life. The star was not looking for fodder for his TV show Punked, he was genuinely checking out the kind of people on these dating sites.


The interesting thing about this is the British singer while using online dating websites did not receive any response from suitors, may be no one believed that a celebrity like her can actually be looking for an ordinary John to go out on a date with. She said in her biography that it could be because she did not put a picture.

5.Patti Stanger:

She is known for giving advice on dating and she also got her husband online from a dating site. Probably it should be no surprise that a person who is spending a lot of time writing about dating would find it convenient to start a relationship online as she works on her book.

4.Ricki Lake:

Now here is an example of what can go wrong with online dating. Ricki thought she found love online when she met an English man who she intended to marry but turns out he was only interested in getting a green card.

3.Chelsea Handler:

the host of the late night TV show Chelsea Lately says she loves having fun with random men which is why she uses online dating sites, she says she is not looking for love, just fun.

2.Lindsay Lohan:

She is probably like that friend you have on Facebook who scrolls through your timeline looking for fun and amusing thins to like and share. Lindsay admits to looking through Tinder where she has an account to see who is out there, she once stumbled on her brother’s profile and she took a screen shot and put it on Instagram.

1.Katty Perry:

Perry revealed that she likes to pass her time looking through tinder ever since she broke up with her boyfriend, she says she is still single and is “deep into tinder”
10 Eric Stonestreet; He says he has been out on dates with girls he met on tinder. The comedian says it is hard to meet people so online websites help.

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