10 High Paying Jobs that Don’t Require a Degree

For one reason or another you may not be able to attain a college degree, but that is no sentence to a life of poor paying jobs, there are actually quite a few jobs that you do not require college degrees for and you can still earn $60,000 or more a year. Here are ten of them.

For many people this is surprising but actually pilots do not require degrees, right out of high school, you can enrol for training to be a commercial pilot and once you attain your certificate, you qualify to become a commercial pilot with an annual pay of at least $73, 000.

9.Police Detective or Private Investigator:

Here is another one that you can qualify for with just a high school diploma. It is a job that requires more of personal skill like an eye for detail or a sharp mind to be able to investigate crimes and at the end of the year you will bag over $70,000.

8.Elevator repair and maintenance:

Repairing elevators, escalators or maintaining them is a job that requires training in a trade school or apprenticeship to be able to perform this task and at the end of the year a tidy sum of about 76,650 would be yours.
7.Nuclear Power reactor operator:

This sounds very important and would be something you would expect to be the reserve of a college genius but no. This is a job that entails monitoring and controlling equipment and taking down logs and implementing emergency procedures. With a high school diploma and on the job training, you can qualify for this job and earn up to $75,000 a year.
6.Power Distributor:

this is a job that involves regulating the amount of electricity being distributed to different customers and ensuring that they are actually receiving the power. It is a job you can learn on site and pays over $71,000 a year.
5. Software Developer:

Many young people today teach themselves how to develop software and have actually developed software that has earned them lots of money. Companies will hire people who can prove what they can do not what degree they have and the pay will be over 60,000 dollars depending on the company and the terms of employment.
4.Non-Retail Sales Supervisor:

For this job you just need a high school diploma to be able to coordinate the activities of salespersons as a first line supervisor. The pay is about 60,000 dollars a year.
3.Farm Manager:

This is a job that you can qualify for with a high school diploma and experience working on a farm. Farm managers are usually responsible for the daily operations on the farm and ensuring nothing goes wrong. At the end of the year, they bag about 69 thousand dollars or more.
2.Power Plant Operator:

There are different types of machines you may have to operate within a power plant to help in the generation of electricity. Without a degree, you are still able to perform this job and you would get long-term on the job training. The pay is approximately $66,000.


This can be one of the highest paying jobs that you can have without any degree, sometimes actors are just discovered as they walk on the street and they pass an audition and that is the gateway to a very lucrative career. The pay varies a lot.

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