Vitamin B12 Foods – 10 Foods that You Should Have


Vitamin B12 is important for the proper functioning of the body, and can be found in many foods and supplements. A number of conditions, such as chronic fatigue, depression, mania or anemia, might result from a deficiency of this vitamin. In case you are experiencing a deficiency of Vitamin B-12, even a small one, it is important that you take care of it as fast as possible. You have to ensure that you get enough foods that are rich in this essential vitamin.


The food is rich in protein, and its yolk is also a big source of good cholesterol. The yolk also contains the most amount of Vitamin B-12.


The leanest meat cuts generally contain the richest amount of Vitamin B-12. You should pick cuts obtained from the shoulder area in order to have the maximum benefits from such eatables.


People who are vegetarians and cannot have animal foods can get enough of Vitamin B-12 from sufficient amount of cheese. Mozzarella and Swiss come with the maximum amount of B-12, and cow’s milk and cottage cheese are other excellent choices.


Over the years, fishes have been highly praised for the benefits. The food contains rich amounts of DHA and Omega-3 healthy fats. Other than these, fishes also contain high amount of B-12. You can find the maximum amount of Vitamin B-12 in canned fish, such as mackerel and tuna.


Liver, which is also sometimes referred to as pate, contains some of the richest amount of Vitamin B12. Turkey, moose, duck, veal and lamb have the maximum amount, while some of them have around 500% of the daily amount that is medically recommended.

Oysters, Clams and Mussels

As far as Vitamin B foods are concerned, shellfish are amazing foods to have. These can be concealed in chowders and stews, and can also be eaten alone.


At one time, the food was only a part of the lifestyle of the famous and rich people. However, these are now becoming more and more popular with the masses as a side dish. There is one of the highest amounts of Vitamin B12 in fish eggs.


Lean cuts such as sirloin and chuck roast come with maximum amount of Vitamin B12. Beef is not as rich a source. However, it contains Vitamin B12 alright, along with iron, protein and zinc.

Crab and Lobster

Such types of seafood contain a high amount of Vitamin B-12. You can have them baked, barbecued or broiled. These foods, packed with the vitamin, are great to have irrespective of how you want to prepare and have them.


This is a delicacy from the Mediterranean, and is packed with high amount of Vitamin B-12. In cooked form, the food contains more amount of B12 than the raw form.

You can have Vitamin B-12 through such foods without any worries. Your body will take the amount that it needs and excrete the rest from the bloodstream. A small amount of Vitamin B-12 will be stored in the liver to be used during periods of deficiency.

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